Tuesday, April 14, 2009

New! Etsy descriptions and rewrites available

Are you creative, but hate writing?

Do you overlook some of the minute details in your item descriptions that cost you sales?

If you love Etsy but hate the time it takes to post your item descriptions, or if you feel like any of your descriptions need a little life breathed into them, let Alicia in Wonderland do it for you!

This item is for an Etsy description you have already posted in your shop (or written). Yet, would like to have edited for clarity and grammatical accuracy. Or, for those of you who would just like to catch your buyer's attention with descriptive language.

Did you know...

1. When buyers notice small details such as grammatical errors and mis-spelled words, they may doubt your attention to detail in your craft, as well.

2. The flow of your writing can affect the way a buyer connects to your product.

3. Most buyers will skim through a product description, and important product information such as the dimensions, materials, and buying instructions are often overlooked if not organized in a way that is clear to your customers.

Your description will be written within 24 hours. If you are unhappy with any of the written material, please convo me, and I will rewrite your description until you are completely happy!

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