Friday, April 10, 2009


Let's face it: I've spent the majority of my 27 years attempting to be ridiculously funny. Fortunately for me, I always manage to crack myself up immensely. Unfortunately for others, not everyone enjoys my humor (boo).

Luckily, I've found a healthy medium to channel my funny and equally crafty nature: cards. Duh. It was kind of a no-brainer. My sister, who is also incredibly crafty and insanely funny started card-making a few years ago, and now she's stampin' right up to the top with her designs.

I am fortunate to have a creative and loving, supportive family, that includes not only those who I am endlessly bound to (my relatives) but the family I have inevitably chosen to share my life with- my friends.

A few things in my life inspire me to create:

1. Bacon- I don't know when the first time its salty, greasy, goodness came in contact with my mouth, but except for a near-death incident that required the heimlick maneuver, I don't ever want to remember a time without my pork-bellied friend. Sadly, I'm only allowed to enjoy it now, under supervision, but its usually worth the wait.

2. Finding humor in everyday life.

3. Enjoying my life through the understanding that the world is much, much larger than my immediate world- There is a blind man who lives in my neighborhood and I often see him walking near 1st ave and Mercer with his daughter, who must be about seven years-old. Every time I see them, I notice no matter how slow the man walks, his daughter is always extremely patient with him. She never rushes him or looks bored- she's always focused on what he's doing. I can't imagine having that kind of patience. Sometimes I feel impatient with cars that drive too slow when I'm trying to cross the street.

4. Always looking for a way to better my life while learning new ways to enjoy the one I have.

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